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Brochure Necessary information for entrepreneurs 200,00+VAT

Brief overview about informations that every entrepreneur should know is divided into chapters: general information (obligation before business start, obligations in accounting, obligations in employment, obligations about business documents, payments in cash, etc.), taxes (VAT, corporation profit tax, income tax) and a list of acts and records. The brochure is available in English.

Brochure Withholding tax 200,00+VAT

This brochure includes review of obligations, methods and ways how to pay services/ fees that are subjected to withholding tax, explains the ways how to apply lower tax rates, provides an overview of the concluded agreements on avoiding double taxation, provides ways of obtaining an OIB (personal identification number) for non-residents, gives examples of completed forms, gives list of countries which have the highest withholding tax rates(off shore countries). The brochure is available in English.

Brochure Representation expenses recognition 70,00+VAT

Thus brochure clarifies the term representation and how and when are representation expenses admited as business costs, what reports are necessary to complete so that representation expenses will be admited as business costs, and how to prove credibility of representation expenses. The brochure is available in English.

Brochure Company share sale or company share cession 100,00+VAT

Simple explanation of necessary steps in procedures in case of company sale and tax liabilities. The brochure is available in English.