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Payroll accounting

Personal data of employee security, data of employees salary security and accuracy in calculations should be the goal of every entrepreneur

Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting has become a complex task that requires special skills of employees working on these tasks. Beside that, payrolls and fees accounting is extremely delicate work considering that these are payments intended for your workers and associates, so any errors reflect on company reputation. To avoid errors in the accounting and to ensure the confidentiality of individual salaries, most companies decide to leave these tasks to specialized services.

Payroll and fees accounting:

  • human resource records
  • sign in/out of employees
  • payroll accounting
  • calculation of benefits in kind
  • suspension of salary
  • calculation of fees
  • calculations of severance
  • reporting tax administration

Our service provides:

  • timely payroll and fees accounting;
  • timely reporting to tax administration about paid salaries and fees;
  • confidentiality of data about amount of individual salary;
  • security of personal data of workers;
  • reporting personal data to the Agency for security of personal data;
  • adequate database management of personal information.