We are proud about fact that our clients varies from big international companies to small family businesses. For us every client is equally important!


Business for sale

If you want to sell your company or projects, our team of experts provides thorough due dilligence and business evaluation

Business for sale

In the modern economic environment often happens that owners want to sell their company or they want to sell only one segments of business in order to focus on core business.

In most cases company or just one segment of business is selling to interested parties (competitors or investors), but there are cases when the company or one segment of business is selling to his own employees. In both cases it is necessary to make a qualitative assessment of company value in order to determine the “fair” value and well-developed sale strategy so the seller can achieve the maximum price.

Texel provides following services:

  • valuation of the company or just one segment of business
  • preparation of tender documentation
  • making plans for business development which is for sale
  • advertising company for sale or part of business
  • proposing potential customers (target group) or investor
  • finding investors or buyers
  • participation in negotiations
  • participation during the sale