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Accounting forensics

If you want to prevent stealing from you or if the damage is already done, our team of experts can help you

Accounting forensics

Modern economic environment is characterized by a lot of turbulences, restructurations of business entities, processes of privatization and share holder changes, globalization, conflicts of interest groups in companies (owners, managers, employees, creditors …), and in particular the conflict between private and public interests.

In such environment it is not rare to see occurrences of fraud in financial reporting, as well as various forms of economic crime. The processing of such cases requires a specially trained experts in the fields of finance, accounting and auditing.

Our team of experts perform, by order of the client, business records and business transactions analysis in order to:

  • recognizing “fixed up” financial statements
  • assessment the risks of fraud
  • establishing supervisory procedures for risks of fraud
  • determining conflicts of interest within members of management and supervisory boards
  • damage assessment after determined fraud

Our accounting forensics service mainly demand owners of companies to assess and determine the state of potential fraud in their company.