We are cooperating with partners that are specialized for specific areas.


We are cooperating with reputable law firms and offices.

IT area:

  1. Strategic Enterprise (SAP solution)
  2. Inter-net d.o.o
  3. Utilis d.o.o, Zagreb (Microsoft Solution)
  4. Raverus d.o.o
  5. Pupilla d.o.o
  6. Arka nova


  1. Laila Abdul, court interpreter for English and Italian
  2. Magličić LLB., court interpreter of English and German
  3. Adante Consulting LLC, New York

Accounting Forensics:

  1. Private investigators
  2. Professional services

Development and projects funding:

  1. Adante Consulting LLC, New York
  2. Gradec plasman d.o.o
  3. Banks